About The Jahmeyka Project


About Us

The Jahmeyka Project is a non-profit organization seeking to directly benefit social services and communities in Jamaica.

The Jahmeyka Project's origins began twenty years ago when Dr. Leslie Yaffa went to Jamaica as a Master’s of Social Work student.  She created a graduate-level course that offered students an international social work experience focused on community engagement in Jamaica.  After 5 years of visiting multiple agencies with students, and experiencing the Jamaican social service culture through the course she had developed, it was clear to Dr. Yaffa that the community she built needed to move beyond the classroom.

Today, the Jahmeyka Project utilizes an experiential learning, collaborative and educational approach with our partnerships in Jamaica. We build on critical and reflective thinking, community service, partnership responsibility, and inclusion. Through knowledge mobilization and partnerships, we will continue to building a non-profit, that will be open to all helping professions in future years who want to engage in professional training, grant writing, workshops, field placements (both in Jamaica and in our organization), outreach, and research.

Beyond our work on the ground, The Jahmeyka Project supports organizations in the Kingston, Jamaica area who have identified needs in their communities for goods such as school supplies and hygiene products. We also donate funds to agencies for their operating costs that are deemed to be most in need-based upon our application process.



To enhance community partnerships through a collaborative knowledge exchange as an ally with social services in Jamaica.


To foster inclusion of social services through education alongside helping professionals by engaging in mutual partnerships and communities in the Caribbean.


Not only can I clearly see the impact we are making on these communities, I can't describe how deeply working with our partners has impacted me both personally and professionally.

- Judith Barrett

Meet the

Jahmeyka Project board


Dr. Leslie Yaffa


Dr. Yaffa is a founder of the Jahmeyka Project. She is an educator in the field of social work, and has developed clinical counselling programs. Her work includes initiation of innovative and strategic responses to social programs, preparation of needs assessments, community engagement, mentoring, clinical supervision, crisis intervention, and teaching in social services.


Dana Cameron


Dana has been a board member with the Jahmeyka Project since August 2020. She is a Licensed Social Worker and Discharge planner at a hospital in northeast Ohio. Dana is a member of the Social Media and Branding committee and is excited to learn more about Jamaica and being a part of the board!


Kim Gallagher


Kim is a new member to the Jahmeyka Project board and will be focusing on developing the grants process. She is a Registered Social Worker in British Columbia, Canada and received her Bachelor's of Social Work in Australia, where she was born. Her expertise is working with people with physical and cognitive (dis)abilities. 

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Stacy Smith


Stacy Smith earned her Master’s in social work in 2016. and has been a board member with the Jahmeyka Project since our inception.  She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with the State of Ohio and is trained in EMDR, a psychotherapy treatment approach.


Judith Smith


Judy is a social worker and therapist specializing in trauma-informed care and play-based counseling with children and adolescents.  She has been with the Jahmeyka Project since its inception and works directly with local community partners to coordinate partnerships and assess needs and collaboration opportunities.


Anna-kay Mcintosh

 Bsc.SW, MA in Communication 

Anna-Kay joined the board of the Jahmeyka Project in 2020 after winning a grant to support her studies a year prior. She has been certified and working in the areas of Youth Development/Community Development for the past 10 years.


JP Moatti

Former IT Executive

 JP brings his years of organizational experience to the Jahmeyka Project, acting as an advisor and mentor for best business practices.