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Merge the earth, merge the energy

I know it is sometimes hard to see how organizations influence a community via social media but the individuals within this community can speak for the dexterity of social inclusion as relations continue to build within it. Being a part of this community is the only way to truly understand the impact the Jahmeyka Project has once they are a part of your life.

-Romaine "Sabuki" Allen, Life Yard

Field Placement

Are you a social work student looking for a macro social work field placement opportunity? We'd love to have you! We will pair you with an MSW licensed social worker so you can achieve your learning objectives and perhaps,  change how you see social work -- on a global scale!

Social Work Student Field Placement

Program Development, Fundraising & supply

Throughout the year, The Jahmeyka Project accepts in-kind donations to enhance the mission of local partner agencies by way of small grants and necessities. We welcome agencies to partner with us on an going basis so we can continue to strengthen our community connections and impact as many lives as possible.

Academic Publications

Jahmekya Project founder, Dr. Leslie Yaffa, has been repeatedly published in academic journals and publications relating to Jamaican social service for over 20 years. The Jahmeyka Project is committed to furthering evidence-based research in the field of international social work.

Onsite workshops with local partners

We organize professional group trips to Jamaica to get on the ground with the local schools and programs that we partner with. We are committed to an even exchange of ideas and collaboration and emphasize the importance of bringing fellow certified professionals with us to contribute meaningfully to the work we do.

Interested in joining us on our next trip?

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